NFL: With A Grain Of Salt

NFL is not my strong suit. At best, I can name 10 Detroit Lions. At worst I’m at Blaine Gabbert, Maurice Jones-Drew and…yeah that’s all I got for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I understand most of the rules, could probably–if given enough time–write down all 32 teams (usually get stuck in the NFC West), but I have no idea what the difference is between a Cover Two, Tampa Two, or the rarely used 2-3 zone.

With A Grain of Salt will not help you win your fantasy league and I’m 80 percent sure it won’t provide any gambling insights or offer really any source of football enlightenment whatsoever. But if you didn’t get a chance to see highlights over the weekend and are looking for more of a VH1 “I Love the 90’s” style coverage, well here ya go.

Week 1 – Let Me Help You With Those Glasses

Week 2 – Cutler Down, Cardinals Up, Coughlin Angry

Week 3 – So, um, What if Two Guys Catch the Ball With No Time Left on the Clock?

Week 4 – Refs Are Back, Vick’s Backups Thrive, Green Bay’s Backup Dives

Week 5 – 2012: The Year Of Not The Quarterback

Week 6 – Giants and Packers Tell Texans and 49ers Not So Fast

Week 7 – Patriots On a Steady Diet of PB&J

Week 8 – Bye Week. Resting my fingers.


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