Missouri Puts Exclamation Point on Disappointing Season

Hi. This is Chris O’Brien. What you are about to read is a rant from one of the most passionate Missouri fans I know, MoMo Harris. This is a part of the ‘Loss For Words’ series, a good idea I had a few months ago that I have been absolutely terrible at following up on.

The Premise: Rants, videos, analysis from fans right after a loss. Real emotion when the wound is still raw. If you ever want to post your own rant, email chrisobrien30@gmail.com and if you really want to make me feel good go on Twitter and use a trendy #LossForWords or #L4W hashtag thing. Alright cool. Enjoy MoMo!

By: MoMo Harris

Mizzou…What was that yesterday?

What was that Gawd-awful performance you crapped out on the Pat Summit Court?

Did you forget that you were still trying to play your way into the tournament?

Did you forget that you had self-respect on the line still?

I guess you did forget. You decided to forget and play in a most horrific way yesterday to a team that you could beat. This game was the microcosm of your entire season. Instead of stepping up and taking the challenge, you folded like a cheap house.

Thanks Frank. Oh Frank Haith…YOU CAN’T COACH!!!!

Frank…what is your coaching scheme, because watching this team all year your strategy was Jordan Clarkson slashing through the lane for a layup or Jabari Brown taking threes (which he is damned good at!) outside of that, all I saw was dribbling and maybe two passes before a shot was taken. Meanwhile Frank is standing in his beautiful tailored suit looking angry.

I don’t know what you’re angry about Frank…maybe you should be angry at the fact that YOU CAN’T COACH!!!! I finally realized it in the Braggin’ Rights Game – Mizzou v. Illinois. I saw Mizzou go against a well-coached opponent and it was staggering to see what a well-coached team could do. Illinois beat us, it was close, but we had better talent and it wasn’t used to its fullest effect.

Then we lose to teams like Georgia and Alabama and a shorthanded Vandy team. Frank, you had a good program and now its profile is slowly sinking into the swamp of the SEC.

He can’t coach; his assistant coaches can’t coach. I really don’t know what they do during practices. Allen Iverson does more during practices than this team does. When Mizzou plays there is no offensive scheme and their defense is a constant mix of crappy zones and man defense. It’s a train wreck that you want to stop, but you can’t unless you run into the court and knock people out to stop the madness. Maybe that UCSB guy who ran and confronted the Hawaii coach had the right idea.

Ugg…I just remembered Mike Alden hates firing people…I am stuck with him for ANOTHER YEAR of awful basketball!!!!

Oh and Frank, you couldn’t inspire the team to play their hearts out to win; to play their way into the tournament. Good coaches do that, but wait you’re not a good coach. You’re only good at taking checks from convicted felons who are your boosters. Thanks Frank!

Thanks a lot team. You showed who you are; you have no heart. You had everything on the line and you decided to shut it down. I mean this team depends on only two scorers, Clarkson and Brown. Our starting “center” is Andy Rosburg. Andy Rosburg’s only purpose is to take charges; he can’t score worth a damn and God help us if he tries to rebound, because he fails awfully. He’s worse than the center Ivan Radmonovich in the movie “Eddie.”

Our other bigs needs some work, which is saying a lot that they are worst than Rosburg. I hate blaming players…it starts with the coaches…which means FRANK HAITH SUCKS!!!!

What I saw was a collapse at the worst possible time. I give credit to Tennessee, even though their mascot is dumb and orange is an awful team color. Cuonzo Martin is a good coach and had his team ready to play.

Frank Haith…he just had them ready to get to the stadium to look confused.

At least he was dressed well.

Ugg… I am stuck with Haith for ANOTHER YEAR of awful basketball!!!!!!!!!

P.S. They made me sad 😦

MO sad