Medium Rare Bracketology

NCAA Bracket

*Note all of this list was done pre Selection Sunday, which I don’t think I will do again. Five teams didn’t even make the tourney. Gonzaga is playing Oklahoma State, potential Iowa State v. UNC second round. So read up on the teams, do some meditation, second guess yourself and then click submit. Enjoy!

The Explanation

16. Iona – Lost in their conference tournament so don’t worry about picking them.

15. Vermont/Belmont – Also lost in conference tournaments… Starting to notice a trend here. If you still want to read these articles, I appreciate it. Some good N.I.T info. If you’re into that sort of thing.

14. Stephen F. Austin – The store brand version of the Florida Gators

13. Florida State – Most likely in the N.I.T, sorry…

12. Toledo – Lost to Western Michigan so they won’t be dancing. But almost everyone in my top 11 will be.

11. Gonzaga – John Stockton’s son: Just Like Dad But Longer Shorts

10. UMASS – Their Point Guard is Nate Robinson 2.0

9. Texas – Stop hating on Rick Barnes!

8. SMU – What!? Terrible snub by the selection committee. 

7. Saint Louis – If your bracket is decided by best mascot, this is your team.

6. VCU – Point Guards beware

5. Iowa – Secretly beat Michigan by 20 points…

4. Oklahoma State– Is picking Marcus Smart a smart decision?

3. North Carolina Life is about learning from mistakes, not never making a mistake. I think.

2. UCONN – Shabazz Napier is ready to go on a Steph Curry type run.

1. Iowa State – Even their team managers could come in and hit threes.

Made it through the list? Awesome and thank you! Time for a quick plug. If you liked the Medium Rare advice on your bracket, try out some Medium Rare advice on life as a whole. Comes in e-book or regular book form. It’s a year old, but 87% of the jokes are still fresh.


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