Carter & Swift

If you’re a sports fan with a Twitter account and aren’t following @kslay623 and @Swiftyy10well, then why do you even have a Twitter account?

For the grand finale of the ’13 Days of HalloweeNBA’ series, I wanted Carter & Swift’s take on the upcoming NBA season without limiting them to 140 characters or any other space restrictions. What I received, all 8,000 words of it, needs to be consumed by any serious NBA fan.

Part 1 – How much better did Boston get? How big of an impact will Andrew Bynum have in Philly?

Part 2 – Will the James Harden trade cost OKC a shot at the title?

Part 3  Alright, let’s put the other teams to bed, this is between the Heat and Lakers.

Part 4 – Let’s say the Heat and Lakers meet in the Finals. What happens?


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