Breaking Barker

Alex Barker welcomes you to his world. One badass week at a time.

Week 1 – RABRAI : Join Alex Barker on a father-son cycling journey across the state of Iowa.

Week 2 – Partridge Park : The beauty of a pure Midland, Michigan summer night mixed with all the competitive spirit of a major league baseball game. You’ve never seen Whiffle like this.

Week 3 – Buffalo Bill : Some fan fiction about the famous Buffalo Bill.

Week 4 – The BrotherhoodBarker always knew motorcycles were cool and put their owners on par with heros, gods of the pavement. He decided to get his license and, well the rest is history. Hop on the back of the bike and join Barker on a beautiful journey across the great state of Michigan.

Week 5 – Social Media CommandmentsListen. Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram photos. They are getting out of hand. We all make mistakes, but let’s pull it together! Barker outlines how to take your social media game to the next level.


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