Chris O’Brien

Hey, thanks for stopping by the site!

I created this blog a couple years ago. My new goal is to turn it into some sort of Netflix/Grantland/Youtube hybrid website.

What in the world does that mean?

Great question. The idea is to have multiple writers creating their own “shows” all under the umbrella of sports, fiction or life. That life category pretty much opens it up to anything. For example, Alex Barker runs the Breaking Barker tab. Check it out! My vision is to have 100 of these tabs. Blogs, works of fiction, videos, keep mixing things up so that anyone who lands here can be entertained for hours with a variety of writers and content.

Whether you’re scrolling through your phone, got the laptop out at night time on the couch, bored at work, I hope this site can bring you some entertainment and that 75 percent of my ideas will work successfully.

Come by as much as you want. You want to write? Awesome. Send me an idea for your own Tab or any stories you want to get out to the world.



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