Low Expectations Perfect for Building a Winning Streak

Going through customs at the Miami airport is a surprisingly decent experience.

Anyone else with me on this one?


The surprising truth here is I am actually telling the truth. No sarcasm, no satire. Ashley and I went through Miami customs yesterday and the line was always moving, the workers: friendly, the process seemed, dare I say, efficient.

Which went against everything we had been told. “Miami customs are awful” “An absolute bear.” “Arrive two hours early just to be safe.” 

Maybe our expectations had been set so low that any bit of customer service would seem 10x better than it really was, or maybe the Miami Airport happened to be on their A-game, who knows, what matters is their losing streak ended and they got a couple tally marks in the win column.

If you created a product, delivered a service, made a set of cold calls and the reaction was overwhelmingly negative, be it from your boss, your customers or even just negative thoughts in your own head, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning.

Downside – The expectations regarding you have been lowered.

Bright Side – Lowered expectations does not mean lower potential.

Examine the negative reviews. Fix the flaws. Begin converting opinions. A winning streak is never more than one good day away.

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