Hire a Chipotle Worker

The Chipotle on Michigan Avenue is incredibly efficient.

I got there at 12 and the line was almost out the door. There must have been 60-70 people ahead of me.

Behind the counter were five Chipotle workers just plowing through order after order. And the customers weren’t always the easiest to deal with either. I mumbled my order. The guy in front of me was glued to his phone. Guy in front of him, quiet voice. Guy after me, screaming his salsa order.

No matter the customer, the Chipotle workers kept the line moving. Never rattled. Always smiling.

Personally, I am absolutely terrified of being the one behind the counter building the burritos, no lettuce, yes lettuce, no guac, scanning credit cards, typing in orders, making change out of a $20. You are expected to be fast. No room for slowness, definitely no room for mistakes. High sizzle scenario.

So then why, in an office job, does having Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, (insert whatever other program experience here) carry more weight than “worked at Chipotle?”

In almost every office job, there will be moments when something is due at 3 p.m., but another assignment comes in that has to be done by 2 p.m. and yet another client needs a proposal by 3:30. How in the world are we going to pull this off?!

Relaaaaax. The Chipotle worker has seen this kind of stress before.

Programs can always be taught later. Poise under pressure is a harder skill to teach and a Chipotle worker comes readily equipped with this foundation in place.

Plus, they do it all with a smile.

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