Chip-N-Dip Episode 4

Beef: Beef reporting in here, fresh off a Taken 2 viewing.

Crab: Here we go! What’d you think of it?

Beef: It was good, not as suspenseful as the first one tho. Liam Neeson is a total bad ass, as expected. He plays that character so well.

Crab: I feel like it gives an unfair representation for dad’s to live up to. No longer is the simple police call post-kidnapping of your daughter fair game.

Beef: It’s a very high standard. Are you looking forward to any movies?

Crab: I really want to see Argo and I think Seven Psychopaths has the right dark humor. And you know I’ll be on board to support Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania, just might have to wait for a dirt cheap rental on that one in 2014.

Beef: Yeah, I think its hard to get to more movies now with a $8.50 price tag. And that’s just Midland prices.

Crab: Right, see both of us love movies but you really have to narrow it down to the ideal one movie per month, at the VERY best. For me it’s really more like one every three or four months. Leaves no room for mistakes.

Beef: Think of a theater selling a weekly movie pass where for 7 days you can see any movie in theaters that you want.

Crab:  Or some readjustment in the frequent flyer miles. Where do you stand on the movie sneak-in?

Beef: I’m all for that! I feel like if you pay for a few movies in a month, a sneak-in is fair game and if you are going to the movies solo, I think that that’s also a fair sneak in.

Crab: Now there’s a reasonable point. I think solo trips should be free, maybe drop a 3 or 4 dollar hit for a popcorn, but that should be all. It’s really taking a lot of courage to go in there alone, no need to tack a $10 hit on top of it.

Beef: I once had the dirty trick of dumping out the old popcorn tub from the trash then getting a free refill…. free popcorn. Arguably one of my most dirty moves.

Crab: And one that I never could get on board supporting.

Beef:  Well you may or may not have blindly supported it by dabbling in handfuls of my dirt bag recycling.

Crab:  lol I was a hypocritical popcorn connoisseur. But on somewhat of the opposite end of the dirt bag spectrum, I witnessed one of the greatest moments of humanity/borderline unnecessary wingman backup today.

Beef: Let’s travel to that end. What happened?

Crab:  So I’m driving home from work, going a firm 45 mph. I look at my rear-view mirror and see a cop following me. I look over to my right and see a Speed Limit 30 sign. I immediately overreact with a quick brake and get myself hovering around that 29/30 range. The next sign says 40 so I slowly regain my confidence, 35, 36, 37. Then a truck to my right cuts in! He goes in front of the cop and allows me to travel peacefully into the turn lane. I was cop blocked!

Beef: hahaha the cop block!

Crab: I’ve never seen it before!

Beef: Yellow lights are my weakness after I’ve gotten a few tickets for close call red light runs. I used to blow thru them even if it was a sure thing I wasn’t going to make it, but now I always slam on the brakes. Just not worth it.

Crab: Oh you’d hate it in Chicago. They have cameras over most the lights and a fairly quick yellow to red transition.

Beef: See they had those in Cali too.

Crab: So you’re either going to get an unfair ticket for $100 or rack up an eventual $500+ dollar hit to get your brakes repaired from all of the harsh slam downs.

Beef: Tickets are such brutal hits! You think of all the stuff you could have done with that money but now its POOF gone. I got a $125 ticket the other day from rolling thru a stop sign…. you know how many Reuben sandwiches that could get?!

Crab:  lol ah see that’s the problem, you never do the math in Reubens. You have to use a currency like, “Oh this would’ve been two pay-per view WWE wrestling watches with a few bad frozen pizzas.”

Beef:  hahahaha that eases the pain


Crab: So now for those of our listeners and by listeners I mean readers who don’t know your work schedule you primarily get your weekends on a like Monday-Tues or Tues-Wednesday combo correct? How do you get those makeshift weekends to work the right way for you?

Beef: Oh man its hard to adjust because you are in your own world. To most, the weekend is Sat and Sun but for me, sometimes, it’s the Tuesday Wednesday weekend and it feels like you are the only one in weekend mode. Everyone else is on their work week schedule while im having my own private weekend which usually consists of laundry, chores and errands because, lets face it, Saturday/Sunday you’ve got great sports games to watch, good tv shows that make laying on the couch all day worth it. but during the week days or my “weekend” you’ve got soaps and divorce court. Not my go-to for tv entertainment. And then everyone is at work and still in week mode so your next option is a solo lunch. So I’d say weekday-weekends are good for efficiency but bad for good times

Crab:  Have you tried getting into Price Is Right? Maybe a little Judge Judy?

Beef:  Love price is right! Drew Carey is a great host too! Bob Barker was the man and will for ever be the price is right host but I think drew had big shoes to fill and he did it well. But that ends our time, do you have a sandwich recommendation this week?

Crab: Actually you have the sandwich and movie rec this week. I got the song and I’m gonna throw it back to KEM’s “I’m into you gurrrrrrrl.

Beef:  Hahah haven’t heard that jam in a long time, great song for this week! Well you opened up with Argo and that really looks like a great film! A fake movie with a real purpose. The fact that it’s based off real events really makes this great.

Crab: And Ben Affleck, at least in terms of directing, has never done wrong.

Beef:  I back that up 100%

Crab:  Gone Baby Gone and The Town are must rent DVDs if you haven’t yet.

Beef: AGREED. My sandwich rec this week is something called a pizza burger. You can get this in some spots but the true pizza burger can be found in a little town, Lake City, MI. Pizza burger for those who don’t know is a breaded veal cutlet deep-fried and put on a bun with mozz cheese and marinara sauce.

Crab: Wow! and what’s the name of the restaurant?

Beef: Tasty Treat. Get some ice cream there too.

Crab: And if you go to the DQ across the street, well, let’s just say you don’t support small business and are less American than those across the street gettin’ the right pizza burg and ice cream pleasure.

Beef: hahaha so true. Well this has been Beef-on-Rye and Crab Ragoon bringing you another CnD. Stay classy internet and tune in for more dips and maybe some guests in future episodes.

Crab: It’s been real and as always, let us know your thoughts on cops, movies, sneaking in to movies and daytime TV on Facebook or email us at Have a great rest of the week and let’s go Maxwell, let’s go Lions, let’s go Midland High Football. See you at the Tridge.

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