Chip-N-Dip Episode 3

Beef: Well here we go! This week’s CnD is brought to you by Tony’s, home of the giant steak sandwich and a sure bet on some heart burn later.
Crab: And if you’re not into the steak sandwich, try out the chicken sandwich or chicken wrap. It’s a small town shop with Hot-N-Now memories lingering around each bite.
Actually, why don’t we go ahead and start with heart burn, both of us have had more than our fair share. What counteraction have you been using lately?
Beef: Big glasses of milk, just natures way.
Crab: My brother had this theory on heartburn that you couldn’t let it bully you around
so using antacids was admitting its stronger than you.
Beef: Tom is a wise man. Speaking of wisdom, share some light on your top 3 BBQ states, what would those be?
Crab: Wow! See the problem here is, outside of Michigan, I’ve only really spent significant time in Kansas City and New York City. And when you think BBQ you also have Texas, Memphis, Carolina, St. Louis out there which demand respect, I just haven’t really spent enough or any time in those. So in terms of state or city that’s tough, I would have to go Kansas City. My top three BBQ spots though would be 1. Arthur Bryants (KC) 2. Gates (KC) and 3. Dinosaur BBQ which is close to Harlem. With Bone Daddy’s in Midland hanging around as a legitimate underrated option
Beef: Are you more sauce guy than dry rub?
Crab: More sauce, see I believe BBQ works the complete reverse of a steak. With a steak, the best ones don’t need any sauce and it would really be a crime to use sauce on a high-caliber steak. BBQ, the meat carries it only so far, the sauce takes it to the next level or drops it a notch. I feel like that might be controversial to you, cuz aren’t you a steak sauce guy?
Beef: See the right steak needs dry rub or the best cuts like filet mignon just need a touch of butter and some salt/pepper, maybe some garlic powder and you’re set. Whereas a beef brisket needs something like a Gates dry rub and the heavy spice enhances the flavor more so than the meat. That’s where I feel the difference between the sauce and the rub lies. The sauce is there to accompany the meat & rub combination. So when it comes
to sauce vs. dry rub, i vote dry rub, but i know your history with gates sauce
Optional commercial break: If you’re not buying into our drink milk and tough it out anti-heartburn strategy, try the always effective Pepcid Complete.
Beef: Have you broken down and gotten a credit card yet?
Crab: Actually chose not to over the weekend. See I don’t understand how the whole credit score system works because to me the very act of never owning a credit card should mean you have perfect credit.
Beef: Have you heard the saying no credit is bad credit?
Crab: Well yeah, but, if I understand the credit system correctly, getting a high credit score or low or whatever’s the good number is, that means you are really good at paying more than you have at one moment then coming up with that said money weeks later. Imagine that in the lunch room, it would be mooching off your friend’s lunch for 30 days then at the end of the month saying, “Ok here’s pizza for the table.”
Beef: Well you can prove small amounts like 300 dollars and not go over that or think of it as your friend buying you lunch for 30 days then you pay him back everything you owe him.
Crab: Right, but my argument is for the 3rd friend who said, “No, it’s alright, I packed my lunch” for those same 30 days, that guy should have ultimate credit score, or at least a separate category of, “he’s a prepared guy, but now he bought a house/car so trust him with a loan” when he goes to the bank.
Beef: I like that theory. Credit scores are just weird to begin with. To think there are a bunch of people out there watching how you spend and then judging your “score”
Crab: lol it’s creepy man! And if you pay in cash then you’re put on a potential terrorist watch list. “He’s off the grid! he’s off the grid!”
Beef: “Get this man some plastic!”
Crab: I heard a rumor that late fees at movie rental stores can hurt your credit score but I shrugged that off like the times they said colleges actually look back at your middle school grades.
Beef: I’ve heard that too! And ive heard another rumor that in some neighborhoods, having a messy or bad yard can hurt your credit score! Like, keep a nice yard, but come on!
Crab: I picture the credit ranger, “Oh you chose not to shower today (pulls out walky talky) (whispers) “Yeah we’re gonna need to dock a few points.”
Beef: “Wait did he forget to floss? Few more.”
Crab: “Jason, we were ready to give you the loan, I mean it appears you paid your bills on time, you actually haven’t ever gone into any sort of credit card debt, but we did see you disrespect that yellow light with full acceleration last Tuesday.”
Beef: Hahahha, well hey that about wraps up our unlimited time and space. This week’s ChipnDip song recommendation  is coming from truly one of my all time favorite artists, Deadmau5. The song is called “the Veldt” feat. Chris James. 
Crab:  Alright, make sure to give that a listen, as for the great sandwich head over to Gandolfo’s in Holland, Michigan. You can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches here, but I really love the Rockefeller Reuben. Get a cup of Lemonjello’s in the morning and head over to Gandolfo’s for lunch. How bout that movie trailer good guy?
Beef: With Halloween coming up, my trailer of the week is Sinister. It’s a chilling horror film about an author that moves his family into a house with a gruesome past.
Crab: And if that proves to be too scary, you can always come back to the Chip-N-Dip and enjoy a few laughs while eating the right food suggestion. As always, please tell us your thoughts on credit scores, milk, BBQ or whatever else on Facebook or email us at Thanks for tuning in and have a great rest of the week!

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