Chip-N-Dip Episode 2

Crab Rangoon: Alright alriiiiiight, welcome to Chip-N-Dip Episode 2. This week’s show is brought to you (unknowingly) by Michigan Brand meat. It’s the best beef jerky, brats, and holiday hams around. Head on down to Jack’s and make the right choice for the upcoming week.
Beef on Rye:  Something about a Michigan Brand hot dog at a Davie Raegen bbq, that just puts me in the best summer mood possible. But right now we’ve got our hoodies and jackets out after some of this cold weather, I think it’s safe to say that fall is here and that means football!!! FOOTBALL!!!
Crab: Two things I’ve been noticing. First, there’s this huge debate going on regarding was Luck the better pick than RGIII. And I love the way sportscasters try to disguise “white” when describing Luck. “Well look, RG3 has the athleticism and that extra um, that extra you know dynamic, but I just think a whi– I mean, a prototypical, yeah, a prototypical pocket passer will long-term give your team a better shot at a super bowl.”
Beef:  Haha yes the whi— urgh, “pocket passing” strategy vs. that mobile threat… I think RGIII has more weapons at his disposal. RGIII I feel is more of a playmaker while Luck has that born and bred NFL qb flavor to his arm.
Crab: The other thing I find fascinating is the NFL’s firm stance on these replacement refs
Beef:  Right!!
Crab: We can complain all we want but I picture Roger Goodell in his office, smoking a cigar, laughing, saying, “What are you gonna do? Watch baseball?”
Beef: Well and it’s interesting how teams are just letting these refs be. Only a few are complaining about these new ref’s. Breaking James Demsky intel**** D’angelo Hall actually offered $2,000,000 to the NFL to bring back the old refs.
Crab: Have you heard of or seen this Gangnam Style song?
Beef: Oh yeah!!! Man, wasnt sure about it at first but it grows on you so fast. 200,000,000 plus views can’t lie, this is good stuff.
Crab: Just think of the magnitude of that number.
Beef:  Huge!
Crab:  It’s what, like a four-minute song? So multiply four by 200,000,000; combine that with Call Me Maybe and I feel like all 7 billion people on the planet have spent 10 seconds with those two songs.
Beef:  You know 100 views came from Turner dying from the late hits.
Crab: lol true. But I wanted to raise this question to you, more of a ranking, how would you stack up Gangnam style against other iconic song+dance classics i.e. Macarena, Soulja Boy, Teach Me How to dougie, and Cupid Shuffle?
Beef: Based on pure popularity, Gangnam style has to be top 3. But can it handle the test of time?
Crab: True, because Cupid Shuffle, that still gets any wedding reception going whereas I think only 1 in 100 people is ever thrilled at the Macarena being turned on in 2012.
Beef: Hahah well I did a quick Youtube search and Macerena has less than 20,000,000 views thru four separate videos. But that song and dance in its prime??? Everyone knew how to do the Macerena. Gangnam Style looks like a Korean version of ride the pony.
Crab: Right! And Macarena had just enough challenge in it but not enough to be overwhelming.
Beef: I think cha cha slide is a little more complicated but it’s so easy when you listen to the guy basically telling you how to do it.
Crab: The problem with Soulja Boy and Dougie is it didn’t promote the entire group unity. There was always one guy or girl who knew how to do the Soulja Boy and/or Dougie better than everyone else.
Beef: And group unity is what makes these dances great.
Crab: Plus it was hard for the wh– I mean the “pocket passers” to pick up on the Dougie.
Beef: Hey oh!
Crab:  Macarena had almost a factory-like mentality. Everyone was on the same page, you get to the “heyyyy-Macarena” and bam, rotate 90 degrees and do it again.
Beef: hahaha. Those where the days man. I think the Hustle needs to be thrown in there too. Not so much a song that goes with it but as a dance, that brings so much.
Crab: Like the disco Hustle?
Beef: Ehh wrong direction lol. Might want to edit that one out haha
Optional commercial break: Will Holiday Inn Express improve your rap battle game?
Beef: Let me tell you something tho. I bought the same record player as you and really got in touch with my rap records.
Crab: What?!? How long have you kept that secret from me?
Beef: Its been one month. I bought Nas: “Ill Matic” on Ebay, and that is my Chip-N-Dip recommended album to listen to for the week. Man oh man, so many raps are thrown down on that vinyl! Also got Abby road (Beatles) and Rush and Bob Marley, Kiss, Metallica, WU Tang Clan, best of Death Row records. Man I love record players!!
Crab: For those of you who don’t know what this specific record player is, here’s a link. it allows you to play records, CDs, even plug-in your mp3 player if you wanna go that route.
Beef:  We highly recommend it.
Crab: I think the record legitimately sounds better than any other format, and I know that’s kinda coffee shop of me to say, but I truly believe it.
Beef: Yes, it’s a much crisper/clear sound.
Crab: Well it kinda goes back to our mix cd discussion from last week. Artists used to have to present a whole album to their audience. With the record you can’t just easily skip around to the next song. Puts more pressure on each song delivering.
Beef: So true. The record player forces you to get real with each track. Well you can skip tracks, but come on guy! Don’t be that guy! Unless you really really need to hear a song. But I put on Rush Permanent Waves and get taken on musical journeys. No skipping, just flip that bitch and let side two take me away again.
Crab:  :’)
Crab: Do you feel more pressure checking out at a store with cd’s or at Family Video with DVDs? Pressure in terms of not wanting to disappoint the clerk even tho they could care less what you’re purchasing.
Beef: Man I can never decide on a DVD. I end up getting 4 or so when I go. I guess I can say the same in the record store except it’s usually 4 picks that I know I want. But I love to go with blind picks from time to time.
Crab: And that’s an essential part of the process. I hate that in 10-20 years there will probably be no movie rental stores. That was such an essential part of childhood. Riding to the store on bikes, having serious debates on which movies to rent. All the young frickers in the future will just stream everything to their game consoles and never have any accountability for their rental. Netflix or whatever else, there’s no consequence. There’s no putting a movie on the counter in front of another human being and having to say, “Yeah, that’s right, I’ve chosen to rent Pink Panther 2.”
Beef: Those were the days! I also loved deciding what flavor pizza rolls to pop in the oven.
Crab: I know this question is gonna challenge you, but Totinos pizza rolls vs. Bagel Bites, what do you got as the superior snack? While you think about it I want to remind everyone this is the kind of stuff we’d love to hear back from you on. So post on Facebook, send us an email at, we want to keep the conversation going all week-long.
Beef: Man I have to give it to pizza rolls. Look, they are what they are, but Bagel Bites seem so half-assed to me. Its like you have the equivalent of the toppings in the pizza roll, so I’ll just take that in an easy to pop bite rather than a shitty bagel.
Crab: Hahah sounds like you’ve had worse experiences with Bagel Bites than I knew of?
Beef:  lol just every time I eat pizza bagels it sucks, but pizza rolls they are consistent; kinda bad but just good enough dipped in ranch to push thru 204. Woops typo, 20**
well you pick which number to use 🙂
Crab: I don’t know if there’s anything you could do to recover from a 204 pizza roll night.
Beef: Hahahaha! maybe a stomach pump but that’s about it.
Crab: I love the concept of that, of eating 204 pizza rolls.
Beef: No amount of money will get me to eat 200 of those damn things. I’ve learned my lesson after eating 36 hush puppies in high school.
Crab: I don’t see how that will ever drop further than #3 in the all-time most questionable eats you’ve ever done. How the hell did you get to 36??
Beef: Man lots of drinks. Worst night of my life after tho. That’s def top 3 worst eats.
Crab: Slightly off topic, but eh fair enough transition, what type of soap you working with these days?
Beef: Oh you know I keep the skin smooth with that Dove for Men with extra care.
Crab: I got you beat. I take it to the next level of sensitive with that Dove original.
Beef: Unscented???
Crab: No scent, just pure white Dove bar
Beef: You must use Old Spice deo then??
Crab: Well, that’s what’s weird, I use Dove for Men deodorant just not for the soap lol
Beef: So what do you smell like in the end?
Crab: Like a fresh piece of white bread.
Beef: Well for this week’s sandwich recommendation, I am going with one of my all time faves, the patty melt. I’ve had patty melts from all across town and the best one in Midland is the patty melt from Cafe American express in the mall.
Crab: Alright, and for this week’s movie trailer go ahead and spend some time with what I think is going to be one of the weirdest epic movie experiences ever. Here’s Cloud Atlas. As for the decent song, go out and re-experience Dave Matthews Ants Marching.
Keep the conversation going on Facebook and please contact us with your questions, thoughts, suggestions, angry rants or your own views on food, music, sports, bathing or whatever else you want to talk about at

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