2012 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 15-30

Hi, welcome to the rest of the first round. If you haven’t seen my lottery picks yet, hop on over here.

Let’s pick up at No. 15.

15. Philadelphia 76ers select Perry Jones III

The 76ers have a really solid roster in the works. Point guard, Jrue Holiday, check. Shooting guard, Evan Turner and Lou Williams, check. Small forward, Andre Iguodala, check. Stretch forward, Thaddeus Young, check. Center, Spencer Hawes, check.

Power forward. Elton Brand. Check-ish. 

Elton Brand has been great for this team, but he’s got a 1979 birthday. In two, three years max, there will be nothing older than 1980 floating around in starting lineups.

Time to bring in the young, freakishly athletic big man Perry Jones III.

16. Houston Rockets select Arnett Moultrie 

17. Dallas Mavericks select Jared Sullinger

Let’s say the Mavericks win either the Deron Williams or Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Hell, let’s say they win both and suddenly have a terrifying Big Triple D of Deron, Dirk, and Dwight.

If this happens, the rest of the pieces on the roster have to be cheap and effective. Sullinger at No. 17 would be cheap compared to anyone in free agency and the potential is there for him to do well in the NBA. This is the same guy who once sat on top of many mock drafts circa 2010-11.

My problem with Sullinger is not just the back issues that have recently come up, but the way he struggles against longer opponents. Rewatch game film in the NCAA Tournament against Kansas. Jeff Withey was a nightmare matchup for Sullinger.

In the NBA, he will always be going up against taller, longer opponents. This is why I think he will fall out of the lottery, but if he can be paired with a true attention grabbing (well, on and off the court) center like Dwight Howard, Sullinger could fill in quite nicely.

18. Houston Rockets select Fab Melo

Houston has been doing a lot of shenanigans in the last couple of days. All their picks seem to be trade bait or parts of potential packages. I say they take Fab Melo for a rebounding presence they likely will never use.

19. Orlando Magic select Royce White

Weird predicament to be in. Are the Orlando Magic in “lure Dwight Howard into an extension” mode or “begin to plan for life after?” Either way, I think Royce White is the best pick.

A lot of people know Royce White as “that NBA prospect who’s afraid of flying.” The Magic can work around this.

  • 41 games are played at home in Orlando
  • 2 games are played in Miami
  • Train ride makes places like Charlotte, Washington, New Orleans
Here’s the thing, rookies usually hit a wall because they are not accustomed to an 82 game schedule. White would only have to play 50-55 games. For west coast trips why not bring some recently retired player on the plane for a 10-day contract. Same thing for the east coast stretches.
Come playoff time, all roads go through Miami. Royce will be well rested and told to go out and defend the hell out of LeBron James. Bus to Miami. Bus back to Orlando. Repeat.
What if they have to play Los Angeles or Oklahoma City in the Finals? Eh, we’ll figure that out when it happens. They said Yao Ming would never learn English either. These things tend to work themselves out.
20. Denver Nuggets select Terrence Ross
21. Phoenix Suns or Boston Celtics select John Jenkins
In my last article, I had Phoenix trading their lottery pick, Austin Rivers, to his dad in Boston. But when this trade never actually happens, I like John Jenkins at this spot regardless of team.
For Phoenix, he replaces Grant Hill. For Boston, he replaces Ray Allen. Jenkins is one of the best shooters in the draft (led all of college basketball in threes) and was the lead scorer in the SEC.
I think he’s a more athletic version of last year’s underrated rookie Klay Thompson.
22. Phoenix Suns or Boston Celtics select Tyshawn Taylor
Once again, this pick works for either team. For Phoenix, they’d be taking a gamble on an explosive but turnover prone replacement for Steve Nash. For Boston, they’d be bringing in a poor man’s Rondo.
Taylor and Rondo are very similar. Both about the same height, long, crazy fast, hard to understand, passionate, great leaders who are not known for their outside shooting. Taylor is a little more out of control, but I think he’s improving. At least some baby steps in the right direction.
In Boston, Taylor would be the body double for Rondo. They wouldn’t need him for more than 10-15 minutes a night and Doc could give him freedom to go play fast. If Taylor turns the ball over five times in his substitution minutes, no big deal as long as he keeps the offense moving and throws in a few steals. If Rondo’s out with injury, it’s like having a similar backup quarterback in football; he won’t be able to do the same things the starter does, but you won’t have to change the offense.
Taylor would also have the Jayhawk bond with Paul Pierce.
23. Atlanta Hawks select Draymond Green
I strongly believe Draymond Green will have a solid NBA career. He’s like Glen Davis but a better passer. I could see him coming in and averaging 6 ppg, 5 rpg, 3 apg and slowly getting more and more minutes off the bench.
24. Cleveland Cavaliers select Quincy Miller
25. Memphis selects Tony Wroten from Washington
26. Indiana Pacers select Robbie Hummel
Come on Indiana, this feel good story is meant to end with Robbie Hummel in a Pacers uniform knocking down big threes.
Yeah, yeah, the two ACL injuries, but he bounced back and if a third happens, there’s always Kobe Bryant’s German guy to go see.
I’d love for someone to convince me why Hummel can’t be Steve Novak or Kyle Korver 2.0. If I’m a GM and I can get Stevyle KorVak for the No. 26 pick and maybe $1 million investment, I’m doing it.
27. Miami Heat select Marcus Denmon 
For all of the anti-Miami Heat fans, this off-season could be a difficult one to stomach. The Heat might get Ray Allen, they could possibly land Steve Nash, and they have nothing to prevent them from taking a few gambles.
For example, why not sign Greg Oden for a minimum contract. If it doesn’t work, who cares, they have Udonis Haslem and Joel Anthony to backup the new super look of LeBron James at the four, Chris Bosh at the five.

Marcus Denmon is a great shooter, streaky, but when he’s on it’s lethal. Send him in from time to time to catch passes from LeBron, you know the ones that aren’t going to All-Stars Wade or Bosh or strong outside shooting Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Mike Miller, James Jones, ah damn you Pat Riley, you hair-gelled genius!

28. Oklahoma City Thunder selects Moe Harless

29. Chicago Bulls select Tu Holloway

This is my Number 1 sleeper pick of the entire draft. In reality, he’ll probably be taken in the 40s, but I have no idea why.

Holloway can create his own shot and has great offensive moves. A lot of times he had the pressure of being the only source of offense for Xavier.

Next year the Bulls still need a solution at shooting guard, they’ll need a lot of scoring help with Rose out, and then when Rose finally does come back, they need a guy like Holloway who can create on his own to relieve the pressure on Rose.

30. Golden State selects Marquis Teague

Backup point guard to Steph Curry or starting point guard and move Curry over to the more natural shooting guard role. I’ll leave that decision to Mark Jackson.

And that concludes my NBA Mock Draft. Sorry there’s no Round 2, but I feel like I brought a little bit of Round 2 flavor into this one with Hummel, Holloway, and Taylor. Enjoy the 2012 NBA Draft Thursday night and I hope your favorite team gets the next great NBA star.

Or at least the next Steve Novak…

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