13 Days of HalloweeNBA

With 13 days left until Halloween, and the start of the NBA season, sort of, depending on when you look at this, the writers here at SpFL want to bring you the 13 Scariest Teams in the NBA.

By scariest we mean the best teams.

Ok, so maybe we should have called this the “Top 13 Teams in the NBA,” but give us at least a little credit for the Halloween theme. Nevertheless, enjoy!

13. Houston Rockets – I look at the rest of the Rockets roster like I look at the Taco Bell menu at 1 a.m., I just don’t know what the hell I want right now. Everything is good, but there isn’t anything I take to a meal involving my girlfriend’s parents.” By: Mike Spitz  

12. Memphis Grizzlies – “Hanging out in the middle of the pack in the West isn’t going to do anything for anyone, as the Grizz are essentially becoming the Pacers of the West.” By: Mike Spitz  

11. Dallas Mavericks – “The Dallas Mavericks assembled their roster like one of those Burlington Coat Factory commercials. “Oh, you spent $17 million on Deron Williams, well for the same price we got a Chris Kaman ($8 mil), OJ Mayo ($4 mil), Darren Collison ($2 mil), Elton Brand ($2 mil) AND still had a million left over to bring back Delonte West.” By: Chris O’Brien

8. Philadelphia 76ers – Jonas Lawson

7. Indiana Pacers“My bias tells me the Pacers will be an incredible team this year, but the numbers and talent speak for themselves. I think for the first time is a while many people are expecting big things for the Hoosiers” By: Nic Talbott

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (Teardrops on My Keyboard: A Letter to James Harden)I’m not going to lie, yesterday was the first day I’ve ever felt like I can relate to Taylor Swift. I almost went and bought her new album. My heart is in pieces. Staying home on Friday nights because the Thunder game is on ESPN won’t feel quite the same this year. I’m not fully prepared for my first game as a fan where I can’t count down the minutes until it’s your turn to enter and get the offense going again. I think the Thunder will still be great, but it’ll be like watching Recess without Vince or Spinelli. It’s just not gonna be the same. By: Mike Spitz  


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